Opportunities for Service

Attendance is one form of involvement in the life of this church.


Praying for this church, its leaders, its members, and its ministries is another form of involvement.


Contributing financially is also a way of showing ongoing involvement.


On this page are listed opportunities for further involvement in the life and work of First Presbyterian Church of Raton.


Liturgists are wanted to assist in leading worship on Sunday Mornings.  Please contact Sara Evans for more information about this opportunity.


Opportunities for providing sanctuary flowers for display on Sundays are still available.  Please contact Sara Evans for more information.

Interested in helping to feed the hungry?  The Hunger Pantry is in need of food and financial donations.  These donations may be brought to the church or Shelley Santos may be contacted for more information.  The Hunger Pantry is also looking for additional volunteers, so contact them in the same manner above if you would like to know more about volunteering your time.

When COVID-19 restrictions permit, there is an interest in starting an American Sign Language learning group, please contact Shelley Santos for more information. 

If you are interested in getting positive local information on our church sign or website, please contact Shelley Santos (sign) or Jim Croto (website).

If you like to sew, knit or crochet or do other types of craft projects with like minded individuals, "Threads of Love" ministry may look to restart after the pandemic.


Children's Ministry

During the time of COVID-19 we have not had Christian Education classes, we welcome families of all types and sizes and once restrictions are lifted will provide Sunday School and other ministries as permitted.



Are you engaged or considering marriage? Congratulations! This is a marvelous blessing and responsibility which God is a central part.  There are big plans for everything to come for a wedding.  Make sure to make time to meet with Pastor Siobhan for Pre-Marriage Orientation and Counseling.  May God truly bless your wedding!


Christian Issues Group

No matter your gender, your age, your marital status, your sexual orientation, the color of your skin, your family background, your religious background...we all have questions. God is big enough to withstand us asking questions and looking at being a Christian in day to day life. After COVID-19 this every other week potluck discussion group is suspended.  

Lunch with Pastor

Join us for Lunch with Pastor Siobhan at bi-weekly lunch at one of the fantastic local Raton restaurants after the church services as announced on the website. Could be at the Historic Sweet Shop, K-Bob's, Asian Buffet, Denny's or many more.  Sometimes we have a potluck after church or our traditional Lenten soup lunches and meditations.  We Presbyterians know how to fellowship with one another.  Sadly, COVID-19 has made us have to change our sharing to COVID safe practices. 

No Lunch with Pastor scheduled this week due to after church session meeting, let's plan for a great lunch next Sunday!


Pastoral Support

Whether it is a telephone or zoom call or a Sunday meeting in the Pastor's office, the Pastor Siobhan offers a variety of services for members, perspective members and others. 


Our team also has a Christian counselor who can conduct short-term telephonic counseling for interested individuals.



The First Presbyterian Church of Raton hosts the Hunger Pantry and always seeks donations of food and, when not under COVID restrictions, open to volunteers. We have volunteer groups which may come to our church and others which are organized through the Presbytery of Santa Fe and PCUSA like Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs).  Please inquire through Pastor Siobhan for more information.

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