Hunger Pantry

The Raton Hunger Pantry is one of Raton’s treasures. Its longevity speaks to the many dedicated volunteers over the years, the fact that from early on it has been run like a business, and most significantly the generosity and altruism of Raton’s citizens.  


Nowadays the Hunger Pantry operates a little differently than in the past, but continues to be a successful community venture. As per the Pantry’s current mission statement, a group of dedicated volunteers works cohesively, each individual carrying out specific tasks to contribute to the purpose and implementation of the program. The volunteers share in both the work and the decisions of the Pantry’s ministry. The staff of volunteers is ecumenical, involving several denominations, and thereby promotes Christian unity.  The Pantry, continuing in the tradition of the past, is funded by donations of food and money from individuals, organizations, and churches in Raton.